Food Labeling

What You Need to Know

1. Why is the label for food products regulated?

The Food Safety and Quality Division (FSDQ) requires labels to be reviewed to ensure food products are safely sold in the market. All approved products comply with all food labeling provisions under the Food Regulations 1985.

2. How many revisions can I make on the food labels in the case of non-compliance?

For each application submission, you can revise the food labels to up to THREE (3) times. If the food label still does not comply, you will be advised to submit the Application for Labeling Advisory Services.

3. What is the mandatory information that needs to be on food labels?

Details such as manufacturer/importer/country of origin, declaration of nutrition, the statement on additives, and date marking are some examples of what needs to be present on food labels. You may contact us for further assistance.

4. Are there any specific requirements on labels for certain types of foods?

Yes. There are specific requirements for food products such as those with natural coloring, natural flavoring substances, food additives as well as products containing ingredients that can cause hypersensitivity.

5. How long does it take for the application to be reviewed and the approval granted?

FSDQ’s customer charter states the process takes TEN (10) days from the day the completed application is received. This excludes the duration of communication between you and FSDQ, should there be any amendments needed for food labels to be compliant. Let us oversee your application to get approval in a timely manner.


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